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Marshmallow Laser Feast

27 May - 1 July 2017
Slots every quarter hour from 10.30 to 3.45; experience lasts half hour
Margam Castle, Margam Country Park, Port Talbot
£5 Adults, £4 Children, £16 Group

Migrations presents Treehugger in partnership with Margam Country park.

Co-commisioned by The Cinekid Foundation, STRP, Southbank Centre and Migrations. Created by Marshmallow Laser Feast.

Experience the scale and wonder of earth’s largest living individual organism!

The longer you hug, the deeper you drift into a hidden world just beyond the limits of your senses.

Award winning Treehugger is the world’s first virtual reality experience that aims to shift our mindset from consumerism to conservation, through a huge replicated model of a giant sequoia tree and a Vive VR headset.

Discover the tree’s hidden inner structure: grooves in the bark become giant cliffs, pine cones feel like cathedrals. Continue hugging and
you are sucked into ‘tree time’ and experience neuron-like energy flows in the treetop canopy.

Collaborating with leading researchers at London’s Natural History Museum and Salford University Manchester, this project uses the latest 3D imaging techniques. A combination of LIDAR, white light and CT scanning creates a VR experience that distorts space and time and makes the invisible visible.

Barney Steel, Marshmallow Laser Feast wrote:
“What if we could shift our perception of the world, accelerate time, see microscopic detail or even see through solid objects? Well, now we can."
Esa Pekka Salonen, Conductor Philharmonia Orchestra, London wrote:
“Miraculous, emotional."
Paula Weinstein, Producer Blood Diamonds & Vice President of Tribeca Enterprises wrote:
“'Wonderful! Treehugger should be in every school in the USA."
Leila, Tribeca Kids Access wrote:
“'My favorite Virtual Reality experience was called Treehugger. It was incredible."


Book you tickets now: margamcountrypark.co.uk
£5 Adults, £4 Children, £16 Group.
You must be 6+ years old or more to experience Treehugger. All children aged 13 and under must be supervised by their parent or guardian.
Car parking charge applies. Late arrivals cannot be admitted. See FAQs below for important further info.

About the Artists

Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) is a creative studio that uses technology to reinterpret human perception. MLF have earned a reputation for creating the seemingly impossible with their immersive installations exciting audiences worldwide. MLF made the wonderful In the Eyes of the Animal we showcased in Cardiff last year.

Margam Country Park

The magnicent Margam Castle, Orangery with ornamental gardens and Deer Park, are set in 800 acres of breathtaking countryside.
The Parks attractions include a narrow gauge railway, adventure playgrounds, Go Ape (high wire adventure), Fairytale Land and rare breeds farm trail.With plenty of activities for children it represents a perfect family day out.

Make your way to the Margam Castle in Margam Country Park, Port Talbot, Wales.

Schools/ Colleges/ Groups

Book your group or students for an exceptional learning experience. contact the Park Office 01639 881635


Become part of the Treehugger team! Contact: Lucy Hadley, Parks Volunteer Coordinator 01639 881635


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Is the event ticketed and do I need to book before hand?

The event is ticket only, to ensure you have the chance to experience treehugger we strongly recommend you purchase tickets in advance (due to limited ticket numbers a sell out is anticipated). Any unsold tickets for that day will be released for sale from the entrance cabin at the Park.

Is it suitable for children?

The experience is not suitable for children aged under six.

Do children have to be supervised by an adult?

Yes. All children aged 13 and under must be supervised by their parent or guardian. Maximum two children per parent or guardian. The experience is not suitable for children aged under five.

How long does the experience last?

The Treehugger virtual reality film is seven minutes long however allow thirty minutes for the whole experience.
An initial 'Discover Treehugger' briefing which includes instruction on using the Virtual reality equipment is followed by the experience itself.

Is the experience suitable for everyone?

The experience is not suitable for children under six years old.

Is the event suitable for wheelchair users?

Yes. A mobility scooter will be available for all visitors to the event requiring assistance.

Do you accommodate larger groups, including school groups?

Yes. Treehugger is an exceptional learning experience - groups and classes can be accommodated within Treehugger. Additional classroom space within the castle is available to provide teaching areas for the group to use. At any one time eight students will be experiencing Treehugger. Term time weekday slots are prioritised for educational group bookings.
Group bookings are available on weekdays through the Park Office 01639 881635 margampark@npt.gov.uk

Are there toilet facilities near by?

Yes, there are toilets in the Castle Visitor Centre Courtyard minutes walk from the experience.

I'm hard of hearing, will this affect my experience?

The virtual reality experience includes moving images, physical motion created by a back-pack and 3D stereo sound. As a multi-sensory experience it's not reliant on full hearing but the 3D stereo sound may be slightly less effective.

Will the event be open if it rains?

Yes, the experience is in the Library of Margam Castle.

Is Treehugger safe?

Yes. The staff and volunteers running Treehugger are trained in helping people prepare for and enjoy their virtual reality experience. Fire extinguishers are onsite and all staff and volunteers managing the event are trained to use them.


Co-commisioned by The Cinekid Foundation, STRP, Southbank Centre and Migrations. Presented in partnership with Margam Country Park.

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Marshmallow Laser Feast

  • Concept by: Marshmallow Laser Feast
  • Direction: Barnaby Steel & Ersin Han Ersin & Robin McNicholas
  • Collaborating Artist: Natan Sinigaglia
  • Executive Producer: Eleanor Whitley
  • Senior Producer: Mike Jones
  • Senior Producer (US): Armand Weeresignhe
  • Production Manager: Mark Geary
  • Sonic Artist: Mileece I’anson
  • Binaural Sound Designer: Antonie Bertone
  • VVVV Developer: Chris Plant
  • VVVV Developer: Tebjan Halm
  • Junior Developer :Leina Kocane
  • Photogrammetry & VFX Supervisor : Scott Metzger
  • Lidar Scan & Photogrammetry: Mimic
  • Root System modelling: Ironklad
  • Installation Technologist: Hayden Anyasi
  • 3D Designer: Harvard Tveito
  • Tree Fabrication: Kjell Van Norel / Other Fabrications / ML Fabcuts

With thanks to

  • Natural History Museum, Salford University, PNY, 3Dception, Cornell Ornithology Lab

Marshmallow Laser Feast

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